28-5.05   Standards for Accessory Structures in All Zones Beginning with the Letter “A.”
   For all accessory structures in special flood hazard areas designated ‘A’ the following provisions shall apply:
   a.   Structure must be non-habitable;
   b.   Must be anchored to resist floatation forces;
   c.   Shall require flood openings/vents no more than one (1) foot above grade and total openings are to be one (1) square inch per one (1) square foot of floor area with at least two (2) openings required on opposite walls;
   d.   Built of flood resistant materials below a level one and a half (1.5) feet above the base flood elevation;
   e.   Must elevate utilities above the base flood elevation;
   f.   Can only be used for storage or parking; and,
   g.   Cannot be modified for a different use after permitting.