6-13.08   Application for Registration.
   a.   The application required under this Subchapter, together with the fee required, shall be on file with the Board before a certificate of registration may be issued, except as provided hereinbelow.
   b.   An applicant for registration or renewal shall certify to the Board that:
      1.   The applicant has procured general commercial liability insurance in a sum not less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per general aggregate from an insurance company authorized to do business in Kentucky, and will continue to meet those insurance requirements so long as the applicant is registered.  Certification shall include the name of the insurance company, policy number and coverage amount, and may also include the agent's name and agent's telephone number;
      2.   The applicant has complied with Kentucky's unemployment and workers' compensation laws;
      3.   The applicant has obtained all necessary local, state and federal tax numbers; and
      4.   The applicant has complied with local, state and federal laws and regulations, including, but not limited to city or county business licenses and similar requirements.
   c.   The effective date of certificate of registration and renewal may be prior to the date of receipt of all documents and/or fees required by law and by these rules if the Board determines that delays in receipt of required documents and/or fees were caused by the Contractors Licensing Board.
   d.   Additionally, if the Contractors Licensing Board determines that delays in receipt of proof of insurance are caused by insurance carriers through the error of the insurance carrier in executing documentation, the Board may issue registration prior to receipt of all documents.
(Ord. BG2006-25, 7/18/2006; Ord. BG2006-27, 8/15/2006; Ord. BG2014-3, 3/4/2014)