6-13.06   Registration Generally.
   a.   A certificate of registration will be issued to one entity only.  Other entities shall not be included in that certificate, but each shall be separately registered and shall separately meet the requirements of registration.  No entity may perform work subject to the provisions of this Subchapter through the use of another entity's certificate of registration.
   b.   If an entity registered as an individual, partnership, limited liability company, corporation or other business entity seeks to change to another entity, the former registration will be terminated and the new entity must register anew.
   c.   All partners within a partnership shall be of record with the Contractor's Licensing Board.  Partnerships consisting of spouses shall be treated as partnerships consisting of unrelated persons.  Registration becomes invalid upon any change in the composition of that partnership.
   d.   Each entity shall list on its application for registration or renewal all assumed business names under which business as a contractor is conducted.  All assumed business names listed shall be on record with the Office of Secretary of State.
(Ord. BG2006-25, 7/18/2006; Ord. BG2006-27, 8/15/2006)