6-13.04   Duties of Board.
   The Contractors Licensing Board shall meet monthly at a time and place to be determined by the Board.  The members shall elect one of its members as the chairperson, one as a vice-chairperson, and one as a secretary.
   The Board shall establish regulations, subject to approval by the Board of Commissioners and  the  Fiscal Court,  for the administration  and enforcement of this Subchapter, including but not limited to: employment of staff to consist of a full-time director and secretary and the execution of contracts to administer and enforce this Subchapter; preparation of the Board budget; review and issuance of contractors licenses; suspension and revocation of licenses; development and supervision of a program of consumer and contractor education on contractor licensing and building codes; development of a system of periodic site inspections to ensure compliance with this Subchapter; and any other duties assigned by the Board of Commissioners and the Fiscal Court.  The Board, through its director, shall be responsible for determining which applicants need a general contractor’s license and which applicants need specialty contractor’s license. 
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