6-11.02   Permit Required.
   Any person placing a mobile home in any mobile home park, relocating a mobile home within  a park or requesting that electricity be turned on for a mobile home that has been without electricity for a period of six (6) months shall obtain a building permit from the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services.  The building permit shall be applied for by the mobile home park owner or park manager.  The building permit application shall also include a copy of the mobile home park’s permit from the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Public Health; the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development inspection number, the Kentucky B1 seal for the mobile home in the name of the registered owner or equivalent verification that the mobile home meets current Federal and State guidelines; and a signed declaration or certification by either the park owner or manager that the placement of the mobile home will be in compliance with the requirements of the Kentucky Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Park Act of 1972, KRS 219.310 to 219.410, and Kentucky Administrative Regulations 902 KAR Chapter 15.
(Ord. BG2001-50, 11/20/2001; Ord. BG2006-27, 8/15/2006; reference Ord. BG2011-30, 6/27/2011)