6-9.01   Prohibited.
   It shall be unlawful for any person to begin the construction of and no building permit shall be issued for any residence or building on any lot unless the street in front of such lot has been constructed in accordance with this Code and the regulations of the City-County Planning Commission (“Planning Commission”).
   The City reserves the right to issue stop work orders or to refuse to issue preliminary building approvals should it determine that street construction is not progress-ing at an acceptable rate.  No occupancy permit shall be granted for the use of any structure until the required streets have been constructed and approved by the City and the Planning Commission.
(Ord. BG80-63, S7-9, 7/15/80; Ord. BG94-6, 2/22/94; Ord. BG2001-50, 11/20/2001; Ord. BG2006-27, 8/15/2006)