6-4.01   Fees to Accompany All Plans and Specifications.
   a.   All plans and specifications required to be submitted to the Building Official for review shall be accompanied by the applicable fees herein set forth, rounded to the nearest dollar, and such fees are intended to cover costs of corresponding inspections for compliance with such plans.
   b.   Form of Payment.  All fees required herein shall be in check form payable to the City Treasurer and no approval for construction shall be issued by the Building and Inspection Division until all required fees have been paid.
   c.   Except as set out below, plan review fees for all building permit applications shall be the same fees as set out in the Kentucky Building Code, Current Edition, as adopted and promulgated by the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction.
   d.   A plan review fee reduction shall be allowed for plans involving multiple identical buildings submitted at the same time and located on the same development plan.  The determination whether the plans are identical shall be within the sole discretion of the City of Bowling Green Building Official.  The plan review fee for the first building shall be the same as set out in the Kentucky Building Code, Current Edition, based on the size of the building.  The plan review fee for each of the remaining identical buildings shall be the minimum plan review fee as set out in the Kentucky Building Code.
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