6-1.01   Chief Building Inspector and Building Inspectors.
   a.   Positions established. There are hereby established the positions of Chief Building Inspector to supervise the Building and Inspection Division of the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services and Building Inspector.  The Chief Building Inspector and all Building Inspectors enforcing the Kentucky Building Code shall be persons certified by the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction.
   b.   Duties.  The duties of the Chief Building Inspector and Building Inspectors, including the Electrical Inspector, shall be to:
      1.   Enforce the Kentucky Building Code and the Kentucky Residential Code, including the Electrical Code;
      2.   Enforce the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations;
      3.   Enforce the Existing Structures Code;
      4.   Inspect buildings in order to assure their compliance with the Building and Existing Structures Codes;
      5.   Inspect plans and specifications and building applications and to issue building permits;
      6.   Coordinate the performance of these duties with Plumbing Inspector, Fire Inspector and Health Officials of the City, County and State;
      7.   Carry out orders and directions of the Director of Neighborhood and Community Services, the City Manager, Planning Commission and other City officials with respect to the performance of his other duties;
      8.   Follow enforcement procedures set out in the current editions of the Kentucky Building Code, including its referenced codes and the Zoning Ordinance; and,
      9.   Carry out such other duties as are imposed upon him by Kentucky Revised Statutes or City ordinances and which may hereafter be delegated to him by the Board of Commissioners.
   c.   The Chief Building Inspector and Building Inspectors shall be responsible to the Director of the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services. 
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