4-8.08   Mandatory Server Training.*
   a.   “Server” for purposes of this Section shall mean any person employed or working in any capacity, whether as an employee, volunteer help or as a working proprietor, in any premise licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages where alcoholic beverages are sold or dispensed by the drink or where malt beverages are sold for consumption on the premises and whose job duties include the sale, dispensing or service of alcoholic beverages or the management of the licensed premises.
   b.   Continued employment by a person employed by a licensed premise as a server requires the server to successfully complete a server training course provided by the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverages Control or other City-approved alcoholic beverage server training program. This training program shall be completed for all newly hired servers within thirty (30) days of the first date of employment. Servers successfully completing the training shall receive a server certification from the server training program. Each server shall successfully complete a new server training program to be recertified not less than once every three (3) years.
   c.   No licensed premise in which alcoholic beverages are sold by the drink or malt beverages are sold for consumption on the premises shall allow any server employed over thirty (30) days to sell, dispense or service any alcoholic beverage or malt beverage or to manage any such licensed premises unless that server is the holder of a current server certification. Each such licensed premise shall maintain a file at the licensed premise for each server for whom training is required. The file shall contain the name, job description, date of employment and proof of certification of each server regulated by this Section. This information shall be available at any reasonable time to any alcoholic beverage control officer or any police officer.
   d.   Any person working at a special event for which a temporary alcoholic beverage license has been approved shall not be required to comply with this Section.
(Ord. BG2002-73, 1/7/2003; Ord. BG2011-14, 4/5/2011; Ord. BG2013-42, 12/3/2013)
*   Editor’s Note:   Sec. 4-8.08 (renumbered by Ord. BG2013-42; formerly 4-9.09) effective April 1, 2003.