§ 11.06 WATER RATES.
   (a)   Rates. The rates due and payable to the city by each owner within the city for water taken from the water supply system shall be listed in City Code Appendix A - Water Rates and Wastewater Rates table.
   (b)   Estimated rates. In case any meter is found to have stopped or to be operating in a faulty manner, the amount of water used shall be estimated in accordance with the amount used previously. In the event the remote reading unit is found to have a reading different from the meter, the amount of water billed shall be based on the reading of the water meter, not the remote reading device.
   (c)   Water for construction or temporary purposes. When water is desired for construction purposes or other temporary uses, the owner shall make application in accordance with § 11.01 of this code.
   (d)   Water bills. Water bills shall be mailed to the owner of the property or the owner’s duly authorized property manager at the designated billing address and shall specify the water consumed and the charge in accordance with the rates set forth in City Code Appendix A - Water Rates and Wastewater Rates table. Owners must pay the total amount set forth in the bill on or before the due date listed on the bill. Failure to make payment by the due date listed on the bill will result in a late fee assessment of 5% of the total amount due and owing. Water bills for residential owners are bi-monthly. Water bills for multi-family residential and industrial and commercial owners are monthly.
   (e)   Fire connections. Should it be found that water not metered is used through a fire connection for any purpose other than testing or repairing the system, or the extinguishing of fire upon the premises, the owner and occupant will be notified, and a charge may be made for the estimated amount of water so used. Water used for testing or repairing the system will be billed at current water and sewer rates. If such improper conditions are not corrected within ten days, the water will be disconnected until proper adjustments are made, and the owner shall be subject to the penalties provided in this chapter, including criminal misdemeanor penalties. City inspectors shall have access to the premises for such inspections as are necessary to enforce this Article I and shall keep a record of all inspections made.
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