(a)   Application forms. All applications for service installations and for water service shall be made to the Utility Division by the fee title owner of the real property to be served or the owner’s duly authorized property manager and must include at a minimum the following information: the full name of the owner; if the applicant is not the owner, the basis for the applicant’s authority to initiate water service for the property must be indicated in a manner specific enough to allow for verification; whether or not water serves as a primary heating source for any residential structure on the property; a description of the property, lot, block and addition, name of the street upon which the property fronts and the official street number assigned to the premises as shown by the records of the city; the owner’s current mailing address, daytime and evening telephone numbers, the owner’s preferred billing address and the signature of the owner. The owner, by making an application for water service, thereby agrees to be responsible for payment of all charges for water service and to conform to the rules and regulations of the Utility Division that may be established by the city as conditions for the use of water, including the duty to provide the Utility Division with prompt notice of any changes in the required information.
   (b)   Application signatures and fees. All applications for service installation shall be made by the owner of the property to be served, or by the owner’s duly authorized agent, and shall state the size of service connection required. The owner shall at the time of making application pay to the city the amount of the fees or deposit required for the installation of the service connection as provided in this chapter.
   (c)   Responsibility of owner of property serviced. When service connections have been installed, application for water service may be made in the manner set forth in subsection (a) above either by the owner, or the owner’s duly authorized property manager. The owner shall be ultimately responsible for the payment of all water service to the owner’s property. The Utility Division shall send all bills for payment to the owner of the property or the owner’s duly authorized property manager at the designated billing address.
(1958 Code, § 30.01) (Ord. 225, passed 2-15-1960; Ord. 70-14, passed 4-20-1970; Ord. 96-60, passed 11-4-1996; Ord. 2005-28, passed 7-18-2005)