§ 10.41 PENALTY.
   Failure or neglect to cut and remove or otherwise eradicate or grass or remove yard waste and as directed in this Article VI; failure, neglect or refusal to comply with any provision of any notice provided herein; violation of any provision of this Article VI; or resisting or obstructing the Environmental Health Manager, or designated employees and contractors in the cutting and removal, or eradication of or long grass, or removal of yard waste or shall be a misdemeanor. Each day on which such violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.
(1958 Code, § 163.08(5)) (Ord. 208, passed 10-15-1959; Ord. 246, passed 9-19-1960; Ord. 63-23, passed 7-1-1963; Ord. 77-68, passed 10-3-1977; Ord. 2009-3, passed 2-2-2009)