§ 22.06  FINAL PLATS.
   (a)   Purpose and intent. The purpose of the application process is to provide a review process for compliance with city code requirements prior to the recording of a with the county.
   (b)   Relationship to . A is limited to the basic information required for recording purposes while a provides more detailed information. approval is required prior to approval, except where all relevant information has been provided on a previous as determined by the Planning Manager. approval may occur at the same meeting as approval or at a later date, based on the preference of the applicant.
   (c)   Review and approval.
      (1)   Type I, II, and III must be reviewed and acted upon by the City Council.
   (d)   Findings. The following finding must be made prior to approval of a :
      (1)   The is not in conflict with the approved or the findings.
   (e)   Expiration. expire two years after approval unless recorded with the county. The City Council may extend the approval of a by up to one additional year when it finds that the extension is in the public interest.
   (f)   Application content. Type I, II and III applications must include the following items:
      (1)   An application form signed by the property owner(s) or authorized representatives;
      (2)   The required application fee (see city code § 22.08(c)); and
      (3)   One hundred scale or larger documents, in a number of sets and format specified by the City Engineer that include all requirements of M.S. § 505.021, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (g)   Filing document submittal. The following items must be submitted to the Engineering Division to proceed with release of the city-signed for recording with the county:
      (1)   Two mylar copies of the , including all requirements of M.S. § 505.021, as it may be amended from time to time, one labeled “Official ” and one labeled “City Copy;”
      (2)   Title opinion or title commitment that accurately reflects the state of the title of the property being platted, dated within the past six months;
      (3)   Easement documents as required by conditions of approval;
      (4)   Private common utility and access agreements, if applicable;
      (5)   Certified copy fee;
      (6)   Park dedication payment, if applicable;
      (7)   Signed petition and agreement for the installation of public improvements (See city code § 22.11), if applicable; and
      (8)   Any other documents, as required by conditions of approval.
   (h)   Process and fees. See § 22.08(c).
(Ord. 2011-6, passed 2-28-2011; Ord. 2013-2, passed 2-25-2013; Ord. 2015-15, passed 5-18-2015)