§ 22.04  TYPES OF PLATS.
   (a)   Type I (minor approval). Type I are that do not require any public improvements and include any of the following:
      (1)    line adjustments: the adjustment of a line by the relocation of a common boundary between two ;
      (2)   Two-family dwelling split: the splitting of one containing adjoining dwellings into two each containing one of the adjoining dwellings. The new line must be within the common wall of the structure;
      (3)   The platting of a metes and bounds into with no change in line location;
      (4)   The replatting of an addition, with no change in line location, for the sole purpose of renaming the addition; or
      (5)   Any single- or two-family residential combinations that results in equal or fewer dwelling units.
   (b)   Type II (expedited approval). that do not meet Type I definitions but meet all of the following conditions are Type II :
      (1)   The is nonresidential and contains no more than six ;
      (2)   The is in an area where municipal utilities are available; and
      (3)   The does not require new public streets for access to its .
   (c)   Type III (standard approval). Type III include all other that do not qualify as Type I or Type II .
   (d)   Registered land surveys. The standards and requirements set forth in this Chapter 22 shall apply to all registered land surveys.
(Ord. 2011-6, passed 2-28-2011; Ord. 2013-2, passed 2-25-2013; Ord. 2015-15, passed 5-18-2015)