§ 14.605  EXEMPTIONS.
   (a)   City Council findings on exemptions. The City Council exempts that comply with the requirements for outlined in § 14.607 and comply with the following additional standards from submitting a permit application and paying a permit fee:
      (1)   The must be substantially conducted outdoors;
      (2)   No signs are allowed except for one sign at each vendor stand consistent with § 19.105(c)(23)F;
      (3)   The is not allowed to have more than three vendors;
      (4)   All vendors must be a ; and
      (5)   No advertisement of the is allowed outside of invited attendees.
   (b)   Responsibilities of exempt sponsors. Those exempt from a permit fee and application in subsection (a) above are nonetheless subject to all applicable state laws and city code provisions, including without limitation regulations relating to: parks, open space and recreational areas (§§ 5.20 through 5.22.01); noise (§§ 10.29 through 10.32); sound trucks (§§ 10.33 through 10.36); trespass (§§ 12.07 through 12.12); public nuisance (§§ 12.02 through 12.06); juvenile curfew (§§ 12.27 through 12.33); vandalism (§ 12.34); transient merchant (§§ 14.180 through 14.192); tents (§ 19.63.06); and signs (§ 19.106) and may be required to pay the cost of any law enforcement services over and above the level of city services available with regular on-duty staffing that are directly attributable to their . The city's cost of repair, clean-up or replacement of city property, public grounds or facilities damaged as a direct result of the shall also be recoverable from the exempt sponsor, as well as any city liability to third parties resulting from the exempt person's .
(Ord. 2017-17, passed 6-5-2017)