Any person who shall knowingly commit, cause or create a public nuisance or permits a public nuisance condition to be created or placed upon or to remain upon any owned, under the control of or occupied by that person, or any publicly-owned , including tax-forfeited under public control, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. In addition, the city may enforce this Division A by injunctive action or other appropriate civil remedy, including civil penalties issued pursuant to § 12.15 of the City Charter and § 1.19 of this city code.
(1958 Code, § 160.02)  (Ord. 17, passed 9-1-1953; Ord. 168, passed 1-8-1952; recodified by Ord. 98-53, passed 11-16-1998; Ord. 2006-13, passed 4-17-2006; Ord. 2013-6, passed 3-18-2013)