§ 12.34  PROHIBITED.
   Every person who intentionally damages, displaces, removes or destroys any of the following shall be guilty of a misdemeanor:
   (1)   A street or bridge;
   (2)   A tree, rock, post or other monument which has been erected or marked for the purpose of designating a point in any boundary or any mark or inscription thereon;
   (3)   A mileboard, a milestone or guidepost erected upon a street, or any inscription thereon;
   (4)   A line of telegraph, cable or telephone, or any part thereof, or any appurtenance or apparatus connected with the working of any magnetic or electric telegraph, cable or telephone, or the sending or conveyance of messages thereby;
   (5)   A pipe or main for conducting gas or water, or heat or any works erected for supplying buildings with gas or heat or water, or any appurtenance or appendage connected therewith; and
   (6)   A sewer or drain, or a pipe or main connected therewith or forming part thereof.
(1958 Code, § 171.05)  (Ord. 71-49, passed 7-12-1971; Ord. 77-68, passed 10-3-1977; Ord. 94-43, passed 8-15-1994; recodified by Ord. 98-53, passed 11-16-1998)