The must consider the applicant’s rental property management history when making the determination to issue or renew a rental license. An applicant that has a majority ownership interest or management role in other rental properties that are, or have been in the preceding five years, suspended, or revoked, will be ineligible for new or additional rental licenses for a period of five years from the suspension, or revocation. At the end of that five-year period of license ineligibility, upon re-application the applicant must demonstrate to the and the that the applicant is willing and able to manage the property in a manner that is consistent with the public health, safety and welfare and in compliance with all applicable laws. An applicant who is denied a rental license will receive written notice of the denial, the reasons therefore and the procedure by which the applicant may request a hearing before the City Council pursuant to § 14.578 of this Article VIII.
(Ord. 2014-9, passed 5-5-2014; Ord. 2017-25, passed 7-25-2017)