If the denies a license application, the applicant may file a written appeal with the City Council within ten days of the denial notice and request a hearing before the City Council. The City Council will affirm, modify or reverse the decision and state the reasons for such action. The City Council may affirm the decision to deny the license if it finds as follows:
   (a)   The has not been permitted to inspect the premises proposed to be licensed;
   (b)   The license applicant has not met the requirements of the Rental Housing Code, city code or applicable state laws;
   (c)   Granting the license will be inimical to the public health, safety or general welfare so as to create a public nuisance.
      If an application for a rental license is denied, a written statement specifying the reasons for the denial will be transmitted to the applicant.
(Ord. 2014-9, passed 5-5-2014; Ord. 2017-25, passed 7-25-2017)