410.05 DUTIES.
   (a)    The duties of the Traffic Violations Bureau shall be as follows:
      (1)    It shall accept designated fines, issue receipts and represent in Court such violators as are permitted and desire to plead guilty, waive Court appearance and give power of attorney.
      (2)    It shall receive and issue receipts for cash bail from all persons who must be, or who wish to be, heard in Court, enter the time of their appearance on the Court Docket and notify the arresting officer and witnesses, if any, to be present.
      (3)    It shall keep an easily accessible record of all violations of which each person has been guilty during the preceding twelve months, whether such guilt was established in Court or in the Traffic Violations Bureau.
      (4)    If a violator of the parking restrictions of this Traffic Code does not appear and answer in response to a notice affixed to a motor vehicle as provided in Section 404.09, the Traffic Violations Bureau shall send to the owner of the motor vehicle to which the notice was affixed a letter informing him of the violation and warning him that he will be held responsible for the appearance of the offender, and that in the event such letter is disregarded for a period of three days a complaint will be filed and a warrant of arrest issued.
      (5)    If any person who has received a notice or summons as provided in paragraph (4) hereof or as provided in Section 404.09(a), fails to appear within the specified time, or if any person refuses to deposit bail as provided in Section 410.02 or 410.03 the Traffic Violations Bureau shall forthwith have a complaint entered against him and secure and issue a warrant for his arrest. The Traffic Violations Bureau shall not accept fines or bail from such persons, but shall consider them entirely under the jurisdiction of the Court.
      (6)    The Bureau shall keep records and submit summarized monthly reports to the City Auditor of all notices issued and arrests made for violations of this Traffic Code and of all the fines collected by the Traffic Violations Bureau or the Court, and of the final disposition or present status of every case of violation of any of the provisions of this Traffic Code. These reports shall be public records.
   (b)    The City shall provide in duplicate suitable serially numbered forms for notifying violators to appear and answer to charges of violating the provisions of this Traffic Code. Such forms shall be issued to and receipted for by the Chief of Police, or other person acting for him. The City Auditor shall, each month, report to the Mayor and Council the disposition made by the police of all duplicate forms issued to them. For this purpose, the City Auditor or his representative shall have access to the necessary records of the Police Department and Traffic Violations Bureau. These reports shall be public records.
(Ord. 19-69. Passed 7-8-69.)