(A)   Upon receipt of a complaint completed in accordance with § 91.22 of this chapter on a form provided by the town’s Clerk-Treasurer, the town’s Police Chief or a member of his or her staff shall inspect the subject property and make a determination of whether the owner is in violation of the prohibitions of § 91.20 of this chapter. In making such determination, the investigating officer shall determine whether the accumulation of trash or the growth of weeds has caused the property to become detrimental to the health, benefit and welfare of the public or a hazard to traffic, or creates a fire hazard to the danger of the property.
   (B)   The investigating officer shall make his or her findings on the complaint form, providing support for such investigator’s conclusions.
   (C)   If the investigating officer determines that the condition of the property constitutes a detriment or hazard and that the property would be benefitted by the removal of such condition, notice of such finding shall be provided to the complaining party. The complaining party shall have ten days following mailing of the finding in which to appeal the investigating officer’s conclusions by filing an appeal with the town’s Clerk-Treasurer. Upon receipt of a timely notice of appeal, the town’s Clerk-Treasurer shall place such appeal for hearing on the next agenda for a regular meeting of the Town Trustees.
   (D)   If the investigating officer determines that the owner is in violation of § 91.20 of this chapter, the town’s Clerk-Treasurer shall proceed under the procedures outlined in § 91.24 of this chapter.
(Ord. passed 2-10-2014)