Parking Generally
751.01   Unattended vehicle, duties of operator.
751.02   Parking prohibition, general.
751.03   Parking prohibition, specific.
751.04   Manner of parking on private driveways.
751.05   Miscellaneous prohibitions.
751.06   Parking for physically limited persons.
751.07   Snow emergency; parking prohibition.
751.08   Parking of commercial  vehicles prohibited; exceptions/exemptions for certain vehicles.
751.09   Parking prohibitions on private property.
751.10   Abandoned vehicles or motor vehicles.
751.11   Abandoned junk motor vehicle.
751.12   License registrant liable.
751.13   Police may remove unattended vehicle which obstructs traffic.
751.14   Opening vehicle door on traffic side.
751.15   Limitations on sale of motor vehicles in residential districts.
751.99   Penalty; waiver.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Owner nonliability, lease defense - see Ohio R.C. 4511.071
Police may remove ignition key from unattended vehicle - see TRAF. 703.03
Parking near stopped fire apparatus - see TRAF. 731.27
Lights on parked or stopped vehicles - see TRAF. 737.09