Department of Taxation
   EDITOR’S NOTE: Chapter 191 of the Bellevue Codified Ordinances is amended to the extent of any conflict between the provisions thereof and the provisions of Ordinance 19-07 and the participation with the Regional Council of Governments and Regional Income Tax. Agency.  The Treasurer of the City shall coordinate matters on behalf of the City with the Regional Income Tax Agency as the same may be needed.  It is understood that the City of Bellevue will have some staff requirements concerning data transfer and other income tax processing and enforcement.  The City Administration and, in particular, the Mayor and Treasurer, shall allocate these duties to the proper staff as may be necessary.  All requirements for confidentiality and privacy shall be followed pursuant to law.
191.01   Department established; Tax Commissioner.
191.02   Clerk, assistant clerks and consultants.
191.03   Treasurer to head Department, appoint Commissioner; promulgation of rules.