Commercial Drivers
341.01   Definitions.
341.02   Exemptions.
341.03   Prerequisites to operation of a commercial motor vehicle.
341.04   Prohibitions.
341.05   Criminal offenses.
341.06   Employment of drivers of commercial vehicles.
341.07   Permitting or driving while fatigued or ill prohibited.
341.08   Driver’s consecutive service andoff-duty hours.
341.09   Display of certificates of registration.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Disqualification - see Ohio R.C. 4506.16
      Suspension or revocation of license - see Ohio R.C. 4507.16
      Warning devices when disabled on freeways - see Ohio R.C. 4513.28
      Arrest notice of driver - see Ohio R.C. 5577.14
      Load limits - see TRAF. Ch. 339