Animals and Fowl
505.01   Enforcement by Animal Warden; powers and duties.
505.02   Maximum number of dogs and cats permitted.
505.03   Certain animals prohibited.
505.04   Barking or howling animals; impounding authorized.
505.05   Dogs and other animals running at large.
505.06   Abandoning animals.
505.07   Dangerous, wild, domesticated and undomesticated animals or pets prohibited.
505.08   Killing or injuring animals/assaulting or harassing police dog, horse or handicapped assistance dog.
505.09   Poisoning animals.
505.091   Cruelty to companion animals.
505.10   Cruelty to animals generally.
505.11   Coloring rabbits and baby poultry; sale or display.(Repealed)
505.12   Registration of dogs required.
505.13   Hindering capture of unlicensed dog.
505.14   Unlawful tags.
505.15   Injuring birds.
505.16   General rabies quarantine.
505.17   Quarantine procedure.
505.18   Impounding and disposition.
505.19   Court order to remove or destroy animal.
505.20   Hunting and trapping regulated.
505.201   Special permits for culling deer.
505.21   Dangerous and vicious dogs.
505.211   Determination of a dangerous or vicious dog.
505.212   Appeal procedure.
505.213   Hearing procedure.
505.214   Registration of dangerous or vicious dogs.
505.22   Animal defecation.
505.23   Rabies vaccination of dogs and cats required.
505.24   Feeding of deer and undomesticated animals  prohibited.
505.25   Feeding of wildlife and stray animals prohibited.
505.26      Interference with taking wildlife.
505.99   Penalty.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Owner or keeper liable for damages - see Ohio R.C 951.10
      Dog registration - see Ohio R.C. 955.01