(a)    Photograph.  Each applicant for a driver's license must file with his application three (3) unmounted, unretouched photographs of himself, in such position as the City Manager may direct, taken within the thirty (30) days preceding the filing of his application. Photographs shall be of a size which may be easily attached to his license, one of which shall be attached to his license when issued; the others shall be filed with the application in the office of the City Manager. The photograph shall be so attached to the license that it cannot be removed and another photograph substituted without detection. Each licensed driver shall, upon demand of an inspector of licenses, a policeman or a passenger, exhibit his license and photograph of inspection. Where the application for a license is denied, two (2) copies of the photograph shall be returned to the applicant by the City Manager.
   (b)    Fingerprints. Each applicant for a driver's license shall file with his application impressions of the fingers of his right and left hands. Such impressions are to be placed upon forms furnished by the City Manager. The impressions shall be taken under the supervision of the City Manager or his duly delegated representative at such places as may be designated by the City Manager. Applications, with photographs and fingerprint impressions attached, shall be forwarded to the Police Division. No license shall be issued under the provisions of this Chapter until the receipt in writing from the Police Division of a report showing the result of the investigation of the application and an examination of the fingerprint impressions.
(Ord. 744-46.  Passed 3-21-46.)