When licenses or renewals of existing licenses are issued for taxicabs which may have been disabled, disqualified, sold, or may otherwise not be available at the time of the granting of the licenses, no such vehicle which may thereafter be acquired for use in connection with any such licenses shall be placed in operation until it has been thoroughly and carefully inspected and examined and found to be in a thoroughly safe condition for the transportation of passengers. It shall be clean, fit, of good appearance and well painted and waxed. The City Manager shall thereafter make, or cause to be made, inspections of such vehicle at intervals of not more than ninety (90) days during the operation of such vehicle.
   The City Manager shall refuse to permit the operation of any such vehicle or, if already placed in operation, revoke or suspend the operation of any vehicle found by him to be unfit or unsuited for public patronage. He shall examine any taximeter attached to any taxicab which may be placed in operation.
   The City Manager is authorized and empowered to establish reasonable rules and regulations for the inspection of taxicabs and their appurtenances, construction and condition or fitness.
(Ord. 744-46.  Passed 3-21-46.)