(a)    "Synthetic detergent" and "detergent" mean any cleaning compound which is available for household use, laundry use, other personal uses or industrial use, which is composed of organic and inorganic compounds, including soaps, water softeners, surface active agents, dispersing agents, foaming agents, buffering agents, builders, fillers, dyes, enzymes and fabric softeners, whether in the form of crystals, powders, flakes, bars, liquids, sprays or any other form.
   (b)    "Polyphosphate builder" and "phosphorus" mean a water softening and soil suspending agent made from condensed phosphates, including pyrophosphates, triphosphates, tripolyphosphates, metaphosphates and glassy phosphates, which are used as a detergent ingredient, but do not include "polyphosphate builders" or "phosphorus" which are essential for medical, scientific or special engineering use under such conditions and regulations as may be prescribed, after hearing, by the Council of the City.
   (c)    "Recommended use level" means the amount of synthetic detergent or detergent which the manufacturer thereof recommends for use per wash load, at which level such synthetic detergent or detergent will effectively perform its intended function.
   (d)    "Machine dishwasher" means equipment manufactured for the purpose of cleaning dishes, glassware and other utensils involved in food preparation, consumption or use, using a combination of water agitation and high water temperatures.
   (e)    "Dairy equipment," ''beverage equipment" and "food processing equipment" mean that equipment used in the production of milk and dairy products, foods and beverages, including the processing, preparation or packaging thereof for consumption.
   (f)    "Industrial cleaning equipment" means machinery and other tools used in cleaning processes during the course of industrial manufacturing, production and assembly.
(Ord. 5425-84.  Passed 2-13-84.)