The Mayor, or his or her designated subordinate, shall cause to be prepared, and timely reviewed and revised, personnel rules which shall be considered by Council and adopted as proposed or amended by Council and adopted, by ordinance, or referred to the Mayor for additional study and resubmission.  The rules shall provide:  for the classification of all Village positions based on the duties, authority and responsibility of each position with adequate provision for reclassification of any position whenever warranted; methods for determining the merit and fitness of candidates for appointment, employment or promotion; the hours of work, attendance regulations and provisions for sick and vacation leave; the policy and procedure governing persons holding provisional appointments; the policy and procedure governing relationships with employee organizations; the policy regarding in-service training programs; grievance procedures, including procedure for the hearing of grievances and for the reduction in force and removal of employees; and any other practices and procedures necessary to the administration of the Village personnel system.  Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, whenever it is deemed necessary, the officer or body having authority to appoint an officer or employee may appoint a temporary officer or employee; provided, however, such temporary appointment shall not extend beyond a term of sixty days.  There shall be no extension of any temporary appointment.