License Taxes
737.01   Definitions.
737.02   License required; fee levied.
737.03   Application; issuance; filing fee; stamps for coin-operated devices.
737.031   Fees for owning and operating coin-operated amusement  devices or vending machines.
737.04   Prorating license fees.
737.05   Conditions precedent to doing business.
737.06   License co-extensive with Municipality; effect.
737.07   Term of licenses; minimum fee.
737.08   Exhibition of licenses.
737.09   License a personal privilege.
737.10   Effect of change in partners or name of firm.
737.11   Collection of license fees by distraint.
737.12   Collection of fees by action or suit.
737.13   Collection of back taxes.
737.14   Additional penalties when business is transacted without license.
737.15   Interpretation.
737.16   Fees.
Authority to tax - see W. Va. Code 8-13-4, 11-12-4