606.01   Definitions.
606.02   Culpable mental states.
606.03   Classification of offenses.
606.04   Offenses defined.
606.05   Rules of construction.
606.055   Criminal law jurisdiction.
606.06   Limitation on criminal prosecutions.
606.07   Requirements for criminal liability; voluntary intoxication.
606.08   Organizational criminal liability.
606.09   Personal accountability for organizational conduct.
606.10   Falsification.
606.105   False report of child abuse or neglect.
606.11   Compounding a crime.
606.12   Failure to report a crime or death.
606.13   Failure to aid a law enforcement officer.
606.14   Obstructing official business.
606.15   Obstructing justice.
606.16   Resisting arrest.
606.165   Compliance with lawful order of police officer; fleeing.
606.17   Having an unlawful interest in a public contract.
606.18   Soliciting or receiving improper compensation.
606.19   Dereliction of duty.
606.20   Interfering with civil rights.
606.21   Attempt.
606.22   Complicity.
606.23   Detention of shoplifters and those committing motion picture piracy; protection of institutional property.
606.24   Disposition of unclaimed or forfeited property held by Police Division.
606.25   Burden and degree of proof.
606.26   Impersonating an officer.
606.27   Display of law enforcement agency emblem.
606.28   Misrepresentation of identity.
606.29   Using sham legal process.
606.30   Failure to disclose personal information.
606.31   Misuse of 9-1-1 system.
606.32   Self defense: limitations on duty to retreat prior to using force.
   Air Pollution Appeal Board, see GEN. OFF. 610.05
   Arrest without warrant for misdemeanor, see Ohio R.C. 2935.03
   Civil emergencies, see GEN. OFF. 648.13
   Cordoning off riot areas; prohibiting sales of firearms and explosives, see Ohio R.C. 3761.16
   Criteria for probation; conditions of probation, see Ohio R.C. 2951.02
   Declaratory judgement in sex related offenses, see GEN. OFF. 666.15
   Definition of “imprisoned”, see Ohio R.C. 1.05
   Degree of offense; charge and verdict; prior conviction, see Ohio R.C. 2945.75
   Discharge for delay in trial, see Ohio R.C. 2945.73
   Disposition of unclaimed, abandoned and junk motor vehicles, see Ohio R.C. 737.32, 4513.61 et seq.
   Extension of time for hearing or trial, see Ohio R.C. 2945.72
   Injunction and abatement of nuisance in sex related offenses, see GEN. OFF. 666.16
   Justifiable use of force to suppress riot, see GEN. OFF. 648.03
   License or permit to possess dangerous ordnance, see GEN. OFF. 672.07
   Making false alarms, see GEN. OFF. 648.09
   Misconduct at an emergency, see GEN. OFF. 648.07
   Payment of costs and expenses on change of venue, see Ohio R.C. 2931.31
   Penalties and sentencing, see GEN. OFF. Ch. 698
   Permit required for public speeches, see GEN. OFF. 648.12
   Procedure on affidavit or complaint; withdrawal of unexecuted warrants, see Ohio R.C. 2935.10
   Procedure on change of venue, see Ohio R.C. 2931.29
   Rabies quarantine, see GEN. OFF. 618.11
   Registration of convicted persons, see GEN. OFF. Ch. 656
   Registration of dogs, see GEN. OFF. 618.08
   Registration of sex offenders in cities and counties, see Ohio R.C. 2950.01 et seq
   Reports of vehicle accidents, see TRAF. 335.12 et seq.
   Right of trial by jury, see Ohio R.C. 2945.17
   Rules of evidence in sex related offenses, see GEN. OFF. 666.10
   Satisfaction of fine; credit for time served, see Ohio R.C. 2947.14
   See section histories for similar state law
   Time within which hearing or trial must be held, see Ohio R.C. 2945.71
   Transfer of prisoner on change of venue, see Ohio R.C. 2931.30
   Venue, see Ohio R.C. 2901.12, 2931.29 et seq.