298.01   Department of Probation.
298.02   Representation of indigents; attorney fees.
298.03   Parking fine schedule.
298.04   Collection service fee.
Editor’s note:
   The Barberton Municipal Court is established by Ohio R.C. Ch. 1901. Ohio R.C. 1901.02 provides that the jurisdiction of the court extends, in addition to the corporate limits of the city, to Copley, Coventry, Franklin, Green and Norton Townships and within the corporate limits of the Municipalities of Clinton and Norton in Summit County.
   Bond for bailiff, see Ohio R.C. 1901.32(A); ADM. 254.01
   Bond for Court Clerk required, see Ohio R.C. 1901.31(D); ADM. 254.01
   Judicial powers of Mayor, see CHTR. § 3.05(c)
   Law Director to serve as Prosecuting Attorney and represent the city in legal proceedings, see
     CHTR. § 4.05(c)
   Municipal Court, see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1901
   Notification to Ohio Director of Liquor Control of liquor law convictions, see Ohio R.C. 4301.991
   Power to establish schedule of fees and costs, see Ohio R.C. 1901.26
   Record of traffic violations, see Ohio R.C. 4513. 37
   Release of Court Clerk’s liability for loss of funds, see Ohio R.C. 131.18 et seq.
   Suspension of driver’s license, see TRAF. 303.99(c); GEN. OFF. 698.07
   Use of personal automobile by Outside Bailiff, see ADM. 254.03
   Using sham legal process, see GEN. OFF. 606.29