(A)   The following persons shall be required to furnish an automobile with which to perform the duties of their respective offices and shall be reimbursed for gasoline expenses, parking fees and toll fees:
      (1)   Nurses - Health Department (four);
      (2)   Planning Director;
      (3)   Dog Warden;
      (4)   Probation Officer - Municipal Court;
      (5)   Health Commissioner - Health Department;
      (6)   Staff Planner - Planning Department;
      (7)   Sanitary Inspector - Health Department;
      (8)   WIC Nutritionist - Health Department;
      (9)   Director of Environmental Health;
      (10)   NCS Housing Coordinator;
      (11)   NCS Housing Inspector;
      (12)   Recycle Center Manager - effective 4-1-1982;
      (13)   Litter Control Educator - effective 4-1-1982; and
      (14)   Utilities Superintendent - effective 12-1-1983.
   (B)   The above listed city employees shall be reimbursed at the rate of $0.18 for each mile they travel while in the performance of their official duties on behalf of the city. This does not include mileage incurred while driving to and from work, to and from lunch, or traveling resulting from an activity of a personal nature done during working hours or at any other time.
   (C)   The above listed city employees shall also be reimbursed for all parking fees and toll road fees paid for by the employee from his or her own personal moneys which may be incurred while in the performance of his or her official duties on behalf of the city.
   (D)   Before any employee is reimbursed for mileage, parking fees or toll fees, he or she must present to the City Auditor a receipt for each parking fee, a receipt for each toll road fee and a report showing the exact number of miles traveled each day while in the performance of his or her official duties. Each employee is also required to sign an affidavit alleging the accuracy and truthfulness of his or her claimed expenses.
   (E)   Each employee who desires to be reimbursed shall deliver to the City Auditor his or her report and/or receipts at the end of each month. The Auditor shall then make the necessary computations and pay such employee as soon as possible, but in any event not later than ten days after receiving the reports and receipts from the employee. The Auditor shall pay by separate check and shall not include this money in an employee’s regular paycheck.
   (F)   Any employee who falsifies any report or receipt shall be subject to immediate dismissal, in addition to any other penalties provided by law for falsification.
(Prior Code, § 254.03)  (Ord. 147-1973, passed 7-2-1973; Ord. 7-1980, passed 1-7-1980; Ord. 87-1998, passed 6-22-1998)