Administrative Procedures for Development Plan Review
1228.01   Purpose.
1228.02   Development plan review required.
1228.03   Filing an application.
1228.04   Preapplication meeting encouraged.
1228.05   Minor alterations reviewed by Planning Coordinator.
1228.06   Development plan review procedures.
1228.07   General development plan submission requirements.
1228.08   Review by City consultants.
1228.09   Final development plan submission requirements.
1228.10   Planning Commission review of a general development plan.
1228.11   Planning Commission review of a final development plan.
1228.12   Request for additional information.
1228.13   Notice to adjacent property owners.
1228.14   Simultaneous plat approval. 
1228.15   Action by Planning Commission.
1228.16   Equivalency provision.
1228.17   Significance of an approved development plan.
1228.18   Expiration of development plan approval.