(a)   Except as provided herein, no person shall hunt, kill or attempt to kill any animal or fowl by the use of firearms or any other means.
   (b)    No person shall set, use or maintain any trap for animals or fowl within the Municipality.  This provision shall not apply to the owner or lawful occupant of the premises upon which such trap is set, used or maintained, or an agent acting on behalf of such person for whom such trap has been set, used or maintained, and which is for the sole purpose of trapping an animal or fowl that is destructive to the property or interest of such owner or occupant.
   (c)    The hunting of deer by use of a crossbow, long bow or other bow and arrow hunting device, shall be permitted only when all of the following apply:
      (1)   The person hunting ("the hunter") possesses a current State Hunting License, has completed the State Hunter Safety Course, and possesses a current City Permit, all of which he/she carries with him/her at all times;
      (2)   The City has on file all of the necessary documentation required concerning the hunter and the location where the hunter is hunting;
      (3)   The hunter is on the approved list of hunters maintained by the Chief of the Aurora Police Department;
      (4)   The hunter is hunting on an approved, registered hunting site, to which all of the following apply:
         A.   The site consists of a minimum of 8 (eight) contiguous acres of property; and
         B.    The site includes no individually owned parcel which is smaller, by itself than 2 (two) acres; and
         C.    The location where the hunter is hunting is on the list of hunting sites registered with the Chief of the Aurora Police Department; and
         D.    Prior to the commencement of any hunting whatsoever, all owner(s) of the hunting site have met with the hunter and fully indicated all boundary lines of the site; and
         E.    Familiarity with the boundaries of the hunting site shall be the sole responsibility of the hunter; and
         F.     All hunting activities take place on the approved hunting site; and
         G.     There shall be no pursuit of wounded or killed animals onto other property unless the hunter and/or pursuer has the prior approval of that/those property owner(s).
      (5)     The hunter shall be in a tree stand or similar apparatus at a minimum height of 8' (eight feet) during all hunting activities.
      (6)    The hunter notifies the Aurora Police Department of all animal kills within 24 (twenty-four) hours of such kill, such notification to include the nature and location of such kill, gender of animal, etc.
   (d)   The hunting of deer on City owned property shall be permitted subject to the following conditions which are in addition to those conditions set forth in Section 618.16 (c), above;
      (1)    Hunting areas are hereby established on the Aurora Wetlands property and the Ray Harmon property.  Additional hunting areas may be approved by Council.
      (2)     Two (2) hunters will be permitted to hunt in one (1) designated area.
      (3)     Hunters will be selected by a lottery to be conducted in accordance with the rules and parameters established by the Division of Parks and Recreation with Aurora residents being given priority consideration.
      (4)     Rules and regulations governing deer hunting on City property shall be established by the Division of Parks and Recreation with input from the Division of Police and may be amended from time to time.
   (e)    The finding of a firearm, crossbow, long bow or hunting device ("hunting device") in the possession of a person, outside such person's residence, shall constitute prima-facie evidence of the violation of this section.  This section shall not apply if:
      (1)    Such hunting device is disassembled or stored for transport; or
      (2)     Such hunting device is used in connection with organized target shooting competition, organized target practice, or a shooters training or education program, for which a permit has been issued pursuant to Section 672.14 .
      (3)    Such crossbow, long bow or other bow and arrow has been utilized by a person permitted to hunt under subsection (c) above.
   (f)   Whoever fails to have the necessary paperwork required by subsection (c)(1) in his/her possession, shall be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
   (g)    Whoever violates any other section of this provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.  (Ord. 2010-128.  Passed 10-11-10.)