When thaws or excessive moisture render the streets and roads of the City insufficient to bear the traffic thereon, or when such streets or roads would be damaged or destroyed by heavy traffic during the period of thawing or excessive moisture, the maximum weight of vehicle and load for motor vehicles, as prescribed in Sections 339.01 and 339.02, which maximum weights are adopted and confirmed herein, shall be reduced in the following manner:
   On all streets and roads in the City, other than State highways, the Director of Public Service shall prescribe such reduction as the condition of the road or street justifies, but in no case shall the reduction be more than fifty percent.
   The schedule of the reduction of maximum weights shall be filed for the information of the public in the office of the Clerk of Council and in the office of the Director of Public Service. The Director, at least one day before such reduction becomes effective, shall cause to be placed and retained on such streets and roads at both ends and at the points of intersections by principal streets and roads during the period of such reduced limitation of weight, signs of substantial construction which will conspicuously indicate the limitations of weight which are allowed on the streets or roads and the date on which such limitations are to go into effect. No person shall operate upon any such streets or roads a motor vehicle whose maximum weight or speed is in excess of the limitations prescribed.
(ORC 5577.07; Ord. 1965-429. Passed 4-19-65.)