General Provisions
   52.01   Definitions
   52.02   Depositing objectionable wastes on public or private property
   52.03   Discharge of sewage or other polluted waters to natural outlets
   52.04   Owner responsible to install suitable toilet facilities
   52.05   Privies, septic tanks and other facilities
   52.06   Destroying or tampering with municipal sewage works
   52.07   Right of entry for purpose of inspection; indemnification; easements on private property
Private Sewage Disposal System
   52.20   Connecting building sewer to private sewage disposal system
   52.21   Permit required; fee
   52.22   Superintendent to inspect installations
   52.23   Compliance with state board of health
   52.24   Maintenance of private sewage disposal facilities
   52.25   Connecting building sewer to public sewer
   52.26   Noninterference with additional requirements
Building Sewers and Connections
   52.35   Permit required
   52.36   Classes of permits; fees
   52.37   Costs to be borne by owner; indemnification
   52.38   Separate building sewer required for every building; exception
   52.39   Use of old building sewers with new buildings
   52.40   Building sewer specifications
   52.41   Gravity flow of building drain to public sewer
   52.42   Connection of surface runoff or groundwater to public sewer
   52.43   Connection of building sewer to public sewer; conformance with applicable regulations
   52.44   Inspection of connection to public sewer
   52.45   Barricades and lights around sewer excavations; restoration of streets
Use of Public Sewers
   52.55   Discharge of stormwater and other unpolluted drainage
   52.56   Prohibited discharges to public sewers
   52.57   Restricted discharges; authority of superintendent to prohibit or require special treatment
   52.58   Pretreatment or equalization of waste flows
   52.59   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   52.60   Maintenance of pretreatment or flow-equalizing facilities
   52.61   Control manhole; measurements, tests and analyses
   52.62   Industrial wastes; special agreement
New Sewer Connections
   52.65   Construction of new combined sewers
   52.66   Sanitary sewer connections to existing combined sewers
   52.67   Connection of storm and sanitary sewers to existing combined sewers
Rates and Charges
   52.75   Persons subject to charges
   52.76   Schedule of charges
   52.77   Readjustment of rates
   52.78   Billings procedure
   52.79   Tap-in charge
   52.80   Account of operation and maintenance expenses and debt service
   52.98   Notice of violation; violators shall be liable to city for expenses
   52.99   Penalty