(A)   The charges for the use and service of the municipal sewer system shall be billed monthly on the first day of each month in each year and all bills for such service shall be payable within 15 days after rendition. If any such bill is not paid within 30 days such charges shall be deemed delinquent and the City Attorney is hereby authorized and directed to enforce and collect any such charges remaining delinquent for 30 days. The Clerk-Treasurer shall render the bills for sewer use and service and such bills shall be collected and accounted for by him in the manner prescribed by law and the proceedings pursuant to which the sewage works (revenue) bonds of the city are being authorized and issued. ('74 Code, § 12-9) (Ord. 452, passed - - )
   (B)   All patrons and customers of the municipal sewer system shall pay the charges when they are billed by the city sewer utility according to the terms and conditions set forth on such bill. ('74 Code, § 12-10) (Ord. 474, passed - - )
   (C)   Provisions concerning billing and disconnection procedures shall be as set forth in § 51.11(L).
   (D)   The charges for the use and service of the municipal sewer system shall be billed to the owners of the premises; provided, that with the written consent of any such owner and the application by the tenant of any premises who is not the owner, filed with the Clerk-Treasurer accompanied by appropriate security or indemnity in an amount and of a kind approved by the Clerk-Treasurer, the bills for such use and service of the sewer system may be rendered to the tenant. However, this shall not be a waiver or release of the obligation of such owner to pay such charges in the event they are not paid by the tenant.
('74 Code, § 12-12) (Ord. 452, passed - - ) Penalty, see § 52.99