§ 52.79 TAP-IN CHARGE.
   (A)   The tap-in charge for connecting into the municipal sanitary sewer system is $500 plus cost of materials and labor and other expenses for lateral sewer to curb or customer property line.
   (B)   Such charge shall be paid by the owner of each and every lot, parcel of real estate or building that is connected with and uses the sewer works by or through any part of the sewage system of the city or that in any way uses or is served by the sewer works.
('74 Code, § 12-13) (Ord. 72-21, passed - -72; Am. Ord. 1980-4, passed 5-5-80; Am. Ord. 93-12, passed 7-12-93; Am. Ord. 1995-4, passed 5-9-95) Penalty, see § 52.99