Health, Safety and Sanitation
521.01   Abandoned refrigerators and airtight containers.
521.02   Venting of heaters and burners.
521.03   Barricades and warning lights; abandoned excavations.
521.04   Sidewalk obstructions; damage or injury.
521.05   Notice to fill lots, remove putrid substances.
521.06   Duty to keep sidewalks in repair and clean.
521.07   Fences.
521.08   Littering public ways.
521.09   Maintaining a nuisance.
521.091    Criminal activity nuisances.
521.092   Drug laboratories declared a public nuisance.
521.10   Unlawful use of water; tampering with fixtures.
521.11   Water pollution.
521.12   Prohibition against depositing yard waste upon public ways.
521.13   Piling of snow on streets or private property.
521.14   Recreational equipment in right-of-way.
521.15   Prohibition against depositing waste in or near catch basins.
521.16      Spreading contagion.
521.99    Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Flagpole installation in sidewalk - see Ohio R.C. 723.012
Excavation liability - see Ohio R.C. 723.49 et seq.
Removal of noxious weeds or litter - see Ohio R.C. 731.51 et seq.
Nuisances - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3767
Tampering with safety devices - see GEN. OFF. 541.04