(A)   Any person, group, organization, business or corporation, profit or non-profit, that intends to engage in door-to-door within the city shall be required to register with the designated party at the Police Department on forms created for that purpose by the designee of the City Manager providing identifying information, including times and dates of proposed activity, parties that will be participating, locations of the activity, purpose of the solicitation and other information reasonably required to regulate the activity.
   (B)   Any person, organization, group, business, or corporation, profit or non-profit, intending to engage in solicitation on a temporary basis shall be required to purchase a city business license notifying the Occupational License/Net Profit Division of the Finance Department of the type of solicitation along with the name of each individual participating in the door to door solicitation. Any such solicitation shall be conducted only during daylight hours, but no later than 8:00 p.m.
('83 Code, § 121.15)  (Ord. 136-1983, passed 10-6-83; Am. Ord. 78-2010, passed 8-5-10) Penalty, see § 121.99