(A)   There is hereby reestablished and recreated an airport board to be known as the Ashland and Boyd County Airport Board.  The Board shall possess all the rights, powers, duties and obligations prescribed by law relating to such an airport board.  It shall have full power and authority to establish, construct, maintain, operate, manage and control the airport and to make any rules and regulations concerning the use of the airport and charges to be made therefor as it deems necessary. 
   (B)   Authority is hereby vested in the Mayor of the City of Ashland, Kentucky to appoint three (3) members of said airport board for terms of office as follows:   As the respective terms of the original appointees expire, their successors shall each be appointed for a full term of four (4) years.  The Board shall serve without compensation.  This section is subject to a resolution similar hereto being adopted by the Fiscal Court of Boyd County, Kentucky and the appointment of members to the Board by the Fiscal Court.
   (C)   The Airport Board shall during the month of January of each year, submit a report in writing to the Board of Commissioners concerning its operations and activities for the prior 12-month period.
(’83 Code, § 34.10) (Ord. 13-1950, passed 3-7-50; Am. Ord. 4-1969, passed 1-27-69; Am. Ord. 28-1996, passed 3-21-96)
   Tri-State Airport Authority, see § 35.17
Statutory reference:
   Local Air Boards, see KRS 183.132