General Provisions
   50.01   Short title
   50.02   Purpose
   50.03   Definitions
   50.04   Recovery of costs incurred in correction of violations
   50.05   State Solid Waste Management Rules adopted
   50.06   Provisions to be minimum requirements
   50.07   Amendments
Storage and Disposal of Solid Waste
   50.20   Approved storage and disposal
   50.21   Open burning
   50.22   Disposal of dead domesticated animals
   50.23   Disposal of scrap tires
   50.24   Use of county landfill, county convenience/recycling centers
   50.25   Operation policies of county solid waste facilities
   50.26   Use of recycling container sites
   50.27   Testing of land where solid waste has been deposited
   50.28   Closing of illegal dumps
Commercial Collection, Transport and Disposal; Licensing
   50.40   Definitions
   50.41   Authority to grant licenses
   50.42   License required; exceptions
   50.43   Licenses subject to provisions of ordinance, amendments to ordinance; unauthorized licenses void
   50.44   Application, issuance, revocation of license
   50.45   License fee
   50.46   Sale, transfer of license
   50.47   Bond, insurance requirements for licensees
   50.48   Responsibilities of licensee
   50.49   Collection and transportation of waste
   50.60   Authority to establish fees
   50.61   Annual review
   50.62   Formula for establishing fees
   50.63   Fee application and remedy
   50.64   Tipping fees
Administration and Enforcement
   50.75   Enforcement
   50.76   Equitable enforcement
   50.99   Penalty