(A)   All persons or businesses using county solid waste facilities operated by the county shall abide by the rules and regulations governing their use. A violation of such rules and regulations shall constitute a violation of this chapter.
   (B)   The county landfill and convenience/ recycling centers may be used for the disposal of solid waste by county residents or non-resident home owners, as well as occasional visitors traveling through. In emergency situations, the solid waste facilities may be opened for additional hours beyond those established by the Board of Commissioners, as may be directed by the County Manager or his authorized representative. Except when open during pre-established hours these facilities shall be kept locked and entry shall not be permitted. Solid waste shall be disposed of at the landfill, conven-ience/recycling centers in a manner and according to the procedures required by the County Department of Environmental Services.
   (C)   No solid waste which has been collected by a contract hauler for a fee, charge, tax, or other compensation shall be accepted at the convenience/ recycling center sites. Such waste shall be disposed of directly at the county landfill or other such approved solid waste facility.
   (D)   The following wastes shall not be disposed of in the county landfill.
      (1)   Radioactive waste.
      (2)   Hazardous waste.
      (3)   Burning and smoldering materials.
      (4)   Liquid waste.
      (5)   Used oil.
      (6)   Yard waste.
      (7)   White goods.
      (8)   Antifreeze.
      (9)   Aluminum cans.
      (10)    Slugs, offal.
      (11)    Land clearing debris, stumps, tree trunks, etc. shall be confined to demolition field.
      (12)    Untreated regulated medical waste.
      (13)   Pallets.
      (14)   Plastic.
      (15)   Electronics.
      (16)   Tires.
      (17)   Batteries.
      (18)   Paint.
      (19)   Insecticides.
      (20)   Pesticides.
      (21)   Oil filters.
      (22)   Oyster shells.
      (23)   Fluorescent lights containing mercury.
   (E)   The following waste may be accepted at the landfill on a conditional basis only: Sludges, barrels, sharps, asbestos, dead animals, land clearing debris, stumps, tree trunks, scrap wood and scrap building material, springs, wire, cable, bands, plastic packaging, and similar materials in large quantities, or in lengths exceeding three feet.
(Ord. passed 8-7-95; Am. Ord. passed 12-15-14; Am. Ord. passed 1-5-15)  Penalty, see § 50.99