(A)   All applicants for license to collect, transport, dispose or recycle solid waste for any fiscal year (commencing July 1) shall file written application with the County Manager on or before February 15 prior to the beginning of the fiscal year and shall furnish the following:
      (1)   The name and address of the applicant, and whether the applicant is a sole proprietorship, corporation or partnership, with disclosure of all ownership interest if requested by the County Manager.
      (2)   A list of equipment possessed, available or to be obtained by the applicant.
      (3)   The number of employees the applicant expects to use in the business.
      (4)   The experience of the applicant in solid waste collection.
      (5)   A balance sheet or equivalent financial statement prepared by a certified public accountant or other person satisfactory to the Board, as to the applicants last business year, showing the net worth of the business. All financial data submitted in compliance with the requirements with this division shall be confidential and shall not be regarded as public information.
      (6)   Planned routes and the area of the county the applicant expects to serve.
      (7)   A schedule of fees the applicant plans to charge.
      (8)   Any other information the Board may reasonably request.
   (B)   Licensed haulers need only to pay annual license fees for renewal of license.
   (C)   The Board reserves the right to withdraw any license upon satisfactory proof of the inability of the licensee or upon the failure of the licensee to properly perform the duties covered by the license contract in a proper and satisfactory manner, after the licensee has been given an opportunity for a hearing before the Board, by written notice setting out the time and place of the hearing, at least ten days before the hearing.
   (D)   Before the county issues a license pursuant to this section, the County Manager or his duly authorized representative shall determine that all facilities, equipment and proposed operating methods that the applicant plans to use in the solid waste collection business are in compliance with this chapter and applicable regulations of the Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources.
(Ord. passed 8-7-95)