The applicant for a license, upon being awarded the rights to collect and dispose of solid waste by the board as provided in this chapter, shall secure and present to the County Manager a good and sufficient surety bond or liability insurance policy covering and insuring the payment of such damages as may be caused by the licensee to the premises or property upon which it may enter for the purpose of collecting or disposing of solid waste, in the sum of not less than $100,000, or such greater sum as deemed appropriate by the County Manager and Environmental Services Director considering the size and capacity of the licensee and the number of customers served. Furthermore, a certificate of insurance shall be provided evidencing this coverage and the fact that the applicant disclosed to the insurance carrier that the company or business intends to haul solid waste as a commercial carrier. Such policy shall contain a hold harmless clause indemnifying the county against claims made against the licensee.
(Ord. passed 8-7-95)