(A)   Consultation with N.C. Department of Agriculture and Other Agencies.  The Board may consult with the Cooperative Extension office, the Natural Resources Conservation Service office, the Farm Service Agency office, the N.C. Department of Agriculture, and any other such agency the Board deems necessary to properly conduct its business.
   (B)   Recording the Program Document.  An official copy of the program document shall be recorded with the North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture's office after adoption. At least once a year, the county shall submit a written report to the Commissioner of Agriculture, including the status, progress and activities of the county's farmland preservation program, and voluntary agricultural districting information regarding:
      (1)   Number of landowners enrolled;
      (2)   Number of acres applied;
      (3)   Number of acres certified;
      (4)   Number of acres denied, and
      (5)   Date certified.
(Ord. passed 7-16-01)