By written notice to the Advisory Board, a landowner of qualifying farmland may revoke the agreement formulated pursuant to § 161.06(A)(5), or the Board may revoke same agreement based on noncompliance by the landowner. Such revocation shall result in loss of qualifying farm status, and consequently, loss of eligibility to participate in a voluntary agricultural district and the benefits thereof. Revocation by a landowner of an agreement and the resulting loss of qualifying farmland status for the purpose of participation in a voluntary agricultural district shall in no way affect the eligibility of the land to be taxed at its present use value as provided in G.S. §§ 105-277.2 through 105-277.6. If a portion of a district is removed for any reason after being established by this chapter, the remaining qualified farms may remain in the program, provided they meet all other requirements except the minimum area requirements of § 161.07(A)(1).
(Ord. passed 7-16-01)