General Regulations
   90.01   Short title
   90.02   Definitions
   90.03   Injury to property
   90.04   Manner of keeping
   90.05   Keeping barking dogs and crying cats
   90.06   Cruelty to animals prohibited
   90.07   Exhibiting wild or vicious animals
   90.08   Health hazard
   90.09   Limitation on number of dogs and cats kept
   90.10   Animals in the village
   90.25   Definitions
   90.26   Dogs to be inoculated; tags affixed to collars
   90.27   Inoculation performed by licensed veterinarian; issuance
   90.28   Duration of inoculation
   90.29   Specifications for tag
   90.30   Exhibition of certificate upon request
   90.31   Strays
   90.32   Impoundment of dogs running at large or unlicensed dogs; citation of owner or keeper
   90.33   Notice and citation to owner or keeper of impoundment
   90.34   Obstructing Animal Control Warden
   90.35   Impoundment of dogs which have bitten persons
   90.36   Impoundment
   90.37   Charges for impoundment
   90.38   Village pound designated
   90.39   Disposition of dogs deemed nuisances
   90.40   Female dog with other dogs
Vicious and Dangerous Dogs
   90.55   Definitions
   90.56   Unlawful to maintain
   90.57   Owner's responsibility
   90.58   Dog permitted to leave premises
   90.59   Injunction
   90.60   Liability of owner or dog attacking or injuring person
   90.61   Right of entry; inspections
Urban Chickens
   90.75   Definitions
   90.76   Permit required
   90.77   Number and type of chickens allowed
   90.78   Zoning districts allowed
   90.79   Non-commercial use only
   90.80   Enclosures
   90.81   Odor and noise impacts
   90.82   Predators, rodents, insects and parasites
   90.83   Feed and water
   90.84   Waste storage and removal
   90.85   Chickens at large
   90.86   Unlawful acts
   90.87   Nuisances
   90.99   Penalty