7-1-1   Title
   7-1-2   Legislative intent
   7-1-3   Purpose and administration
   7-1-4   Definitions
   7-1-5   Applicability
   7-1-6   Service areas
   7-1-7   Authority for development fees
   7-1-8   Fund accounting for development fees
   7-1-9   Land use assumptions
   7-1-10   Infrastructure improvements plan
   7-1-11   Adoption and modification procedures
   7-1-12   Timing for the renewal and updating of the infrastructure improvements plan and the land use assumptions
   7-1-13   Collection of development fees
   7-1-14   Expenditure of development fees
   7-1-15   Development fee credits and credit agreements
   7-1-16   Development agreements
   7-1-17   Relief procedures and hearings
   7-1-18   Development fee as supplemental regulation to other financing methods
   7-1-19   Refunds of development fees
   7-1-20   Oversight of development fee program
   7-1-21   Calculation of development fees based on fee schedule
Editor’s note:
   Effective date for this Chapter is October 31, 2022.